As an "ex forces" army wife, I know only too well, how difficult it is to get a Mortgage when you leave the Force's. In past years, most of the time we only had the option to rent a property, as banks made it very difficult for us to get a mortgage, and to borrow enough money was a nightmare, with a high interest rate attached! 
At Majestic Property Solutions Ltd, Barnstaple, North Devon we will provide you with advice and the guidance you'll need to help you with finding the right property, in your chosen area and we will supply you with information on the various "options" available including ... Tenant Buyer ,Rent to Buy, Rent to Save, Rent to Own, Shared Ownership - are all known as part of the "Property Options" scheme 
Forces Personnel - You Don't Need A Mortgage* immediately... "pay less rent"(up to 20% less) and live in the house of your dreams with the option to *buy it later. Army, Navy, Air Force,Marines and Coast Guard ..Rent to Buy, Rent to Save, Rent to Own, Shared Ownership , Tenant Buyer - are all known as part of the "Property Options" scheme designed to make it easy, transitioning from renting to buying a home by providing subsidised rent with a small Option to Buy deposit and a flexible Option to buy contract set in place. 
With a Rent to Buy in England, you would rent a property, whether it be a pre-owned property,or a newly built home at approximately 20% below the market rate for approx five, seven or ten years (length of contract varies for each property). 
At the end of the contract you will be offered the opportunity to either purchase the property or purchase part of the property under a Shared Ownership scheme. 
If you are unable to do either then there will also be the option of continueing to rent the property, or moving out. 
For further information please email - 
Rent to buy or Shared ownership,or Tenant Buyer as it is also known, lets you buy a percentage of your home – anywhere from 25% to 75% depending on how much you are able to afford – whilst being able to rent the rest. 
This can be the best possible opportunity for buyers to be able to get on to the property ladder. With this scheme, you can choose to increase the portion of the property you own, as and when you have the finance available.  
The gradual increase in ownership is referred to as ‘stair casing’. 
There are many advantages to these schemes:-  
Having a subsidised rent will allow the tenant to be able to save for a deposit during the rental period, making it so much easier for them to be able to get a mortgage. It also allows time to repair or build a better credit score rating. 
All contracts vary, but most *Rent2Buy Options are usually on a 5 / 7 / or 10 yr contract, giving you the "Option To Buy" anytime after the minimum term (tba),this gives you time to save up for a Mortgage, whilst living in your dream home, and if for some unknow reason you decide not to buy that particular house, then you can either stay as you are, or give notice and move on.  
Safety Clause. 
We will put an "Opt Out"clause in the contract for both parties, the Landlord and the Tenant. 
If you are still "serving" and you get stationed out of the area Majestic Property Solutions can find you Professional Tenants to rent your home from you, thus keeping it in your name, until you return. 
For all enquires please email - 


Help 4 Homeless Veterans and Scotty's Little Soldiers  

There are many Charities out there requiring your support, but we have decided that there is no worthier one's than those helping "Homeless Soldiers" and "Scotty's little Soldiers"

Help For Homeless Veterans  *** Helping Our Heros's Find a Home ***  

We support former members of HM FORCES (VETERANS) facing homelessness. 
We work with private landlords and some housing associations to help veterans when social housing isn’t available. We regularly put homeless veterans into B & B as a stop gap whilst helping find a longer term solution to their situations. 
As a charity we have helped many homeless personnel by providing a wraparound Service of Care (SOC). We have housed many who were street homeless and provided more sustainable accommodation for those who previously were living in inadequate accommodation.Many are suffering from PTSD 
Help 4 Homeless Veterans is also supported by Help For Movers.Uk a very useful Booklet based on almost "everything" you need to know or remember when moving house , created by Lisa Rogerson (Get your copy here

Scotty's Little Soldiers  *** Our mission is to #HelpTheirChildrenSmile***  

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a national charity dedicated to supporting children and young people who have lost a parent who served in the British Armed Forces. 
Inspired by the experience of Army widow Nikki Scott, following the death of her husband Cpl Lee Scott in Afghanistan in 2009, the charity provides assistance to hundreds of bereaved British Forces children around the UK. 
Support offered to the children includes access to professional bereavement counselling, fun activities such as holiday breaks and group events, gifts at important times of the year and personal development assistance through educational grants. 
Click here to see more info on our website >>>> 
I chose this charity, as my eldest son Cpl Wayne Clarke served along side Cpl Lee Scott in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, in 2003 until he died. 
Scotty's little Soldiers has an on-line shop selling a variety of merchandise from hoodies, t-shirts, beanies to sportswear.....  
So treat your loved ones to one of our products as it will help treat one of their loved ones.  


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